The Rise of Investment Crowdfunding: What You Need to Know in 2015 and Beyond

Broadcast Date: Monday, September 21, 2015 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (ET)
CLE Administrative Law
Jennifer A. Post
Mark T. Hiraide
Joseph A. Gill


About Raines Feldman LLP

Raines Feldman LLP is a business transactional and litigation law firm with expertise in corporate, securities, real estate and intellectual property law.  Comprised of attorneys from some of the nation’s most elite law firms, the firm represents individuals, institutions, companies and  investors in real estate, finance, SEC compliance, capital raising and M&A transactions, predominantly in the  entertainment, new media, fashion, technology, sports, hospitality and consumer products industries. The firm maintains offices in Beverly Hills and Irvine, California. Visit


About Petillon Hiraide LLP

Petillon Hiraide LLP is a small but powerful law firm known among its peers for expertise in corporate and securities law.  They practice corporate and securities law and nothing else.  They offer unique insight and perspective to their clients because they have handled both business transactions and courtroom litigation related to securities transactions for more than twenty years.  Because of their depth of experience, other lawyers look to them for instruction on the JOBS Act and securities law.  For years, they’ve taught corporate and securities law through seminars they’ve conducted and journal articles and books they’ve authored.  They often are called to testify in court and before government bodies as experts in their field. Visit Petillon Hiraide LLP.


About McKercher LLP

For over 80 years the lawyers of McKercher LLP have been advising both private businesses and public corporations in all areas of the law. They provide high-level expertise on complex business transactions and innovative solutions to diverse legal issues.  They act for local clients seeking to grow beyond Saskatchewan and national and international clients looking to expand into our great province. 

With offices in Regina and Saskatoon, McKercher LLP has over 60 lawyers practicing in all major areas of the law. McKercher LLP is one of the largest and well-established local law firms in Saskatchewan, and understands the many challenges facing individuals and organizations today. McKercher LLP lawyers make it their business to learn the legal context in which clients operate and gain familiarity with the history of ongoing matters.