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Online CLE Reverse Payment CLE

Reverse Payment: Litigation Procedures and Strategies in 2019 Explored!

Live Webcast Date: Thursday, April 04, 2019 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (ET)
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Online CLE Reverse Payment

Join us for this Knowledge Group Online CLE Reverse Payment Webinar. Since the Supreme Court's landmark ruling in Actavis, the number of "pay-for-delay" settlements and the use of anti-competitive agreements in the pharmaceutical industry have significantly declined. For the past years, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been continuously in pursuit of challenging reverse payment settlement agreements. However, despite the remarkable developments surrounding payment settlements, new and current litigation in relation to pre-Actavis is expected to continue for the years to come.

The only way to prevent costly settlements and penalties is to ensure a complete understanding of the recent trends and developments surrounding reverse payment settlement agreements.

Join a panel of thought leaders and professionals brought together by The Knowledge Group as they provide the audience with an in-depth analysis of the current trends surrounding the reverse payment settlement agreements landscape. Speakers will also go beyond the basics and provide practical tips and strategies to avoid common risks and pitfalls.

This webcast will examine the most significant issues in the mix including:

  • Reverse Payment Settlement: Pre and Post Actavis
  • Significant Court Rulings
  • Recent Case Decisions
  • Implications to the Current Landscape
  • Trends and Developments in 2019
  • Remedies including damages frameworks
  • What Lies Ahead

Who Should Attend

  • Patent Attorneys
  • Patent Licensing Attorneys
  • Patent Litigators
  • IP Attorneys & Related Consultants
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Lawyers
  • Biotech/Pharma/Healthcare Attorneys & Advisors         
  • Drug Manufacturing Company Executives


Online CLE Reverse Payment
Carletta Wong
Vice President
Analysis Group, Inc.
Online CLE Reverse Payment
Jordy Hur
Federal Trade Commission a

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Online CLE Reverse Payment

Jordy Hur, Attorney
Federal Trade Commission

  • Developments in the brand-generic patent settlement cases since the Supreme Court’s Actavis decision in 2013
  • Views concerning the competitive implications of a brand company’s agreements not to launch an “authorized generic” in competition with generic companies
  • Findings from the brand-generic agreements filed with the FTC under the Medicare Modernization Act

Carletta Wong, Vice President
Analysis Group, Inc.

  • Overview of the complicated distribution chain for pharmaceutical products, including differences for brand and generic products
  • Discussion of the types of plaintiffs in reverse payment cases, and where they fit into the distribution chain
  • Typical damages frameworks vs. economic harm

Online CLE Reverse Payment

Online CLE Reverse Payment

Carletta WongVice PresidentAnalysis Group, Inc.

Ms. Wong has over a decade of experience applying economic consulting expertise in a variety of litigation matters involving securities, accounting, antitrust, corporate governance, pharmaceutical reverse payments, off-label pharmaceutical marketing, and intellectual property and trade secrets. These cases have spanned a range of industries, including health care, telecommunications, entertainment media, finance, software, real estate, and manufacturing.  Ms. Wong has supported experts and attorneys in many aspects of litigation, including assisting with preparation of complex expert reports by prominent academic affiliates, performing econometric and statistical analyses, preparing experts for testimony, consulting throughout the discovery process, and assisting attorneys with cross-examination of opposing experts. Ms. Wong received her M.B.A. from the MIT Sloan School of Management and her A.B. in economics from Harvard University.

Online CLE Reverse Payment

Jordy HurAttorneyFederal Trade Commission a

Jordy Hur is an attorney in the Health Care Division of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition in Washington, D.C. She investigates alleged violations of the antitrust law by pharmaceutical companies, physicians and other health professionals, and hospitals and institutional providers. Jordy has also been involved in multiple federal court litigations challenging anticompetitive practices in the pharmaceutical industry, including reverse payment litigations.

Online CLE Reverse Payment

Course Level:

Advance Preparation:
   Print and review course materials

Method Of Presentation:
   On-demand Webcast

   General knowledge of patent/antitrust laws

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   Areas of Professional Practice

Total Credit:
    1.0 CLE

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The Knowledge Group

The Knowledge Group has been a leading global provider of Continuing Education (CLE, CPE) for over 13 Years. We produce over 450 LIVE webcasts annually and have a catalog of over 4,000 on-demand courses.

About the Knowledge Group

The Knowledge Group

The Knowledge Group has been a leading global provider of Continuing Education (CLE, CPE) for over 13 Years. We produce over 450 LIVE webcasts annually and have a catalog of over 4,000 on-demand courses.

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