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Online CLE Trump’s Tariffs CLE

Retaliatory Actions Against Trump’s Tariffs: What Businesses Should Do When Allies Hit Back

Live Webcast Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET)
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Online CLE Trump’s Tariffs

Join us for this Knowledge Group Online CLE Trump’s Tariffs Webinar. After U.S. President Trump announced steel and aluminum tariffs on several of the country’s allies in March 2018, a number of EU countries, Mexico, and Canada immediately announced retaliatory tariffs against American products. Other trade partners and allies have also stated plans to retaliate and seek remedies through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). With the looming widespread business impact of these retaliatory actions, companies should be looking closely at their supply chain to determine risk management considerations.

In this Webcast, a panel of key thought leaders organized by The Knowledge Group will provide an overview to help the audience understand the critical elements of U.S. allies’ retaliatory tariffs and their potential effects on businesses across industries. Speakers will also discuss latest updates; critical issues and best risk management practices concerning the current trade war between the U.S. and its allies.

Key topics include:

  • Trump's Tariffs: An Overview
  • Retaliatory Tariffs: Legal and Business Implications
  • Industry Reactions
  • Recent Developments and Updates
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Outlook

Who Should Attend

  • Importer and Exporter
  • US Manufacturers
  • International Trade Counsel
  • Export Compliance Counsel
  • Trading Companies
  • Private and Public Companies
  • Other Related/Interested Professionals and Organizations

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Online CLE Trump’s Tariffs
Nithya Nagarajan
Husch Blackwell
Online CLE Trump’s Tariffs
John M. Peterson
Neville Peterson LLP

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Online CLE Trump’s Tariffs

Nithya Nagarajan, Partner
Husch Blackwell
  • Framework and Legitimacy of Retaliatory Tariffs
  • List of Countries Currently Imposing Retaliatory Tariffs
  • Key Industries Affected
  • Strategic Business Planning Options
  • Supply Chain Modifications and Considerations
  • Cost Impacts to Shifts in Supply Chain

John M. Peterson, Partner
Neville Peterson LLP
  • Engaging with Foreign Customs Authorities on the Classification and Treatment of Goods;
  • Role of Country of Origin Rules in Administration of Retaliatory Tariffs;
  • Setting Up Operations in Foreign Countries to Eliminate Impact of Tariffs;
  • Challenges Being Filed at the WTO;
  • The Global Trading System -- How Does All this End?

Online CLE Trump’s Tariffs

Online CLE Trump’s Tariffs

Nithya NagarajanPartnerHusch Blackwell

Nithya’s extensive background in U.S. trade issues spans 25 years and includes various roles in a number of federal government agencies, including the Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, and the U.S. Court of International Trade.  Nithya has extensive experience with antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings in the United States and several other countries. She specializes in strategy related to trade remedy matters and has deep experience with all levels of trade remedies proceedings, having led and participated in numerous such proceedings conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China, and before the European Commission.

Online CLE Trump’s Tariffs

John M. PetersonPartnerNeville Peterson LLP

John Peterson has practiced international trade and Customs law since 1977, and has enjoyed every minute of it. His practice embraces all phases of trade law, from counseling and import planning, to representation of clients before government agencies, and litigation in United States and foreign courts. Each new engagement allows him to learn about different industries, products, technologies and people. Whether the practice of law takes him to a high rise office tower in Asia, a factory on a Caribbean Island, or the control room of the Trans-Alaska pipeline, he relishes the opportunity to help clients solve problems and improve their operation.

John regularly represents foreign and domestic clients before United States Customs and Border Protection, the United States International Trade Commission, the United States Department of Commerce, the Foreign Trade Zones Board the Office of United States Trade Representative, the Bureau of Industry and Security, and the Departments of State and Treasury. He also assists clients with issues arising before foreign Customs authorities and international organizations, including the World Trade Organization and the World Customs Organization.

Online CLE Trump’s Tariffs

Course Level:

Advance Preparation:
   Print and review course materials

Method Of Presentation:
   On-demand Webcast

   General knowledge of trade/customs law

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NY Category of CLE Credit:
   Areas of Professional Practice

Total Credit:
    1.0 CLE

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The Knowledge Group

The Knowledge Group has been a leading global provider of Continuing Education (CLE, CPE) for over 13 Years. We produce over 450 LIVE webcasts annually and have a catalog of over 4,000 on-demand courses.

About the Knowledge Group

The Knowledge Group

The Knowledge Group has been a leading global provider of Continuing Education (CLE, CPE) for over 13 Years. We produce over 450 LIVE webcasts annually and have a catalog of over 4,000 on-demand courses.

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