Preparation and Prosecution of Trademark Applications: A Comprehensive Guide

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm (ET)
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Alexander H. Butterman
Mary Witzel
Barnard Madsen


About Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig PLLC

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is a multi-office general practice law firm based in suburban Washington, DC and Richmond, Virginia with a substantial intellectual property prosecution and litigation practice. DBL is ranked __ in numbers of trademark applications filed annually and __ in numbers of patents filed annually.  In addition, DBL has litigated over a hundred IP cases in U.S. federal courts and manages dozens of proceedings at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. …

At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, we strive to invest in the success of each of our clients by offering top-notch legal advice and services at affordable prices, while establishing long-term relationships built on trust. We make it our mission to serve as fierce advocates, ensuring that every client has complete confidence in our expertise, and trust in our team.

DBL isn’t just lawyers. We are veterans, business owners, patent-holders, aerospace engineers, and MBA’s.


About Fillmore Spencer LLC

For over twenty years, Fillmore Spencer has been providing branding advice and helping clients large and small register and enforce their trademarks. From business matters to family matters, from legal advice to litigation, Fillmore Spencer is a full-service law firm, with three locations in Utah. Fillmore Spencer: solving problems and seizing opportunities–for you, your family and your business.