Patent Protection for Pharma and Biotechnology in 2020

Broadcast Date: Thursday, April 23, 2020 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm (ET)
Scientist pouring contents of test tube to another
Fernando Muzzio
Daniel A. Rubé, Ph.D.
Brian M. Gummow, Ph.D.


About Acumen BioPharma, LLC

Acumen BioPharma  provides expert witness  consulting and laboratory services to law firms engaged in intellectual property and antitrust litigation related to the pharmaceutical industry. Our expertise includes all aspects of manufacturing technology, regulatory, supply chain and commercial operations involved for branded and generics pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceutical products. Acumen BioPharma’s subsidiary registered as Integra Continuous Manufacturing Systems ( is dedicated to consulting services in advance manufacturing technology to assist clients in the design and implementation of continuous manufacturing lines for pharmaceutical products.


About Troutman Sanders LLP

Troutman Sanders has four core practices—Transactional, Business Litigation, Specialized Litigation, and Regulatory & Finance, under which it boasts 16 sections, including intellectual property law.  For Troutman Sanders, practicing law is about commitment, with a “higher commitment to client care” being one of the most important values that differentiates Troutman Sanders from other law firms.  In recognition of Troutman’s strong client service culture, the firm has been on the BTI Client Service A-Team for 13 consecutive years.  Troutman develops and implements global protection and commercialization strategies for clients with intellectual property assets in virtually all industry areas.  Many of Troutman’s attorneys and professionals have Ph.D.s and other advanced technical degrees in a wide variety of disciplines, and enjoyed successful careers as inventors, researchers, engineers, physicians and scientists prior to joining the firm.


About Haley Guiliano LLP

Haley Guiliano LLP is dedicated to helping its clients resolve high-stakes intellectual property law challenges through a wide-ranging global practice.  Our attorneys, patent agents, and technical advisors are leading professionals who have handled some of the largest and most influential intellectual property matters in the IP arena in recent years.  We combine sophisticated legal and technical backgrounds with an in-depth understanding of complex business needs to provide our clients with individualized solutions that protect and advance their IP interests.