Patent Portfolio Management: Is it Time to Upgrade Your Toolbox?

Broadcast Date: Thursday, November 17, 2016 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET)
intellectual property law concept
Tyron Stading
John E. Dubiansky
Paul Gurzo


About Innography

Founded in 2007, Innography was conceived as a way to extend manual processes in patent search to true patent business intelligence by developing a set of powerful algorithms that cleanse and normalize data, mine patents for vital information, and automatically make determinations on which patents in a set are the most valuable.

Innography delivers comprehensive, online Intellectual Property Business Intelligence (IPBI) applications and patent tools that enable companies of all types and sizes to achieve the best possible return on IP investments. Through a powerful business analytics platform, Innography streamlines manual IP-related tasks by giving instant access to reliable and vital data. The company’s IP analytics tools enable organizations to get products to market faster, uncover new and more lucrative revenue sources, keep better track of competitors, pre-empt litigation claims and stay on top of numerous IP-associated functions.


About Federal Trade Commission

The FTC is a bipartisan federal agency with a unique dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition. For one hundred years, the agency has championed the interests of American consumers. The FTC is dedicated to advancing consumer interests while encouraging innovation and competition in our dynamic economy. The FTC develops policy and research tools through hearings, workshops, and conferences. It collaborates with law enforcement partners across the country and around the world to advance its crucial consumer protection and competition missions. And beyond our borders, it cooperates with international agencies and organizations to protect consumers in the global marketplace.


About Harrity & Harrity, LLP

Harrity & Harrity is an IP boutique that has been specializing in the preparation and prosecution of electrical and mechanical patent applications since 1999.  Our services include patent preparation and prosecution, patent opinions, patent reexamination, patent reissue, patent quality support, patent analytics, and patent preparation and prosecution training.

Quality is the area that truly separates us from our peers.  We pride ourselves on consistently delivering high quality through the use of a thorough second attorney review process and a uniform writing style that is tailored to our clients’ needs.  At Harrity & Harrity, we say that We Patented Quality®, and the second attorney review process and the uniform writing style ensure that we provide our clients with the highest quality patent preparation and prosecution services each and every time.