Legal Series White Collar Crime Enforcement Issues

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET)
Communications Law
Michael W. Emmick
John F. Libby
Eric Tunis
Eli J. Richardson
Justin V. Shur


About Law Offices of Michael W. Emmick

In June 2012, after 34 years of lawyering in downtown Los Angeles, Mr. Emmick opened his own white-collar firm — the creatively-named “Law Offices of Michael W. Emmick.” He continues to represent companies and individuals involved in criminal, civil, and regulatory matters. Substantively, his practice focuses on corruption (e.g., official bribery, commercial bribery, FCPA, gratuities, and conflicts of interest); various kinds of fraud (e.g, health care, securities, defense procurement, banking, real-estate/mortgage, tax, and environmental crimes); related civil proceedings under the False Claims Act; and regulatory proceedings. More practically, Mr. Emmick conducts internal investigation; proposes compliance measures; represents witnesses in state and federal grand jury proceedings; works with joint-defense groups in large corporate investigations; responds to search warrants, subpoenas, and other investigative measures; and represents corporate and individual defendants against whom legal violations have been alleged.


About Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, is known for quality, for extraordinary commitment to clients, for integrated, relationship-based services, and for a range of specialized capabilities typically found only in boutique firms. We are progressive and entrepreneurial compared to other major firms; and we are deeply committed to diversity, to public service, to involvement in the communities we serve and to excellence in all we do.

We are proud to represent a sophisticated client base in a range of industries including healthcare, financial services, entertainment, media and advertising, real estate, technology, energy and natural resources, consumer goods and services and transportation.


About Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP

Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP is a full service law firm with offices in Woodbridge and Roseland, New Jersey. Founded in 1914, the firm has distinguished itself as a market leader by serving a broad range of local, regional and national clients doing business in New Jersey and surrounding areas. With approximately 100 attorneys practicing in five Departments – Corporate, Environmental, Litigation, Real Estate and Tax, Trusts & Estates – which are augmented by numerous interdisciplinary practice groups focused in niche areas, the firm provides sophisticated, creative and cost-effective representation rooted in collaborative teamwork, proactive legal strategies, attention to detail and relationship-oriented service. This integrated service profile meets the needs of entrepreneurial ventures, mid-sized businesses and large corporate and multinational entities alike.


About Bass, Berry & Sims

With more than 200 attorneys in four offices representing numerous publicly-traded and Fortune 500 companies, Bass, Berry & Sims PLC regularly handles major business transactions and litigation matters throughout the country. The firm has experience across the spectrum of regulatory and enforcement agencies and routinely handles matters involving the U.S. Department of Justice (including U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and the Federal Bureau of Investigation), state attorneys general, various Offices of Inspector General, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm’s Compliance and Government Investigations practice group regularly conducts internal investigations, white-collar defense and compliance activities to manage client exposure before, during, and after governmental investigations in areas such as Healthcare Fraud and Abuse; Securities Fraud; Independent Regulatory Audits; Foreign Anti-Corruption/Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA); Employee Misconduct; Antitrust; Bank Fraud; Public Corruption; and Congressional Investigations.


About Molo Lamken LLP

Molo Lamken LLP is a law firm focused exclusively on representing clients in complex litigation. The firm handles civil as well as criminal and regulatory matters across the country. Molo Lamken’s founding partners, Steven Molo and Jeffrey Lamken, developed national reputations based on their courtroom successes while partners at large full-service firms where they held leadership positions. They formed the firm with an abiding belief that complex litigation is most effectively handled by smaller teams comprised of smart, highly experienced lawyers focused on results rather than process. The firm provides experienced advocacy before judges, juries, and courts of appeal – including the Supreme Court of the United States. Molo Lamken also represents clients in regulatory and criminal investigations and conducts internal investigations.