International Taxation Primer – What You Need To Know

Broadcast Date: Monday, September 26, 2016 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET)
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Patrick J. McCormick
Joel N. Crouch


About Kulzer & DiPadova, P.A.

Kulzer & DiPadova, P.A. is a tax boutique law firm located outside Philadelphia, PA.  The firm limits its practice to the areas of taxation and estate matters, including employee benefit planning and compliance, all phases of federal and state tax planning, civil and criminal tax litigation, complex estate planning, estate administration and estate litigation.  The firm consists of fourteen attorneys, and boasts decades of experience in its practice areas.


About Meadows, Collier, Reed, Cousins, Crouch & Ungerman, L.L.P.

Meadows, Collier, Reed, Cousins, Crouch & Ungerman, L.L.P. is a Dallas based law firm that has provided business, tax and regulatory solutions to individuals and corporate clients since 1983.  Meadows Collier’s litigation practice focuses on defending clients in investigations, litigation and other civil, criminal and administrative controversies with governmental agencies, including disputed individual, partnership, corporate, and estate tax issues, and regulatory and enforcement agency investigations.  The firm also practices in the areas of Real Estate, Corporate and Securities, and Commercial Litigation.