Inter Partes Reviews & Post Grant Proceedings: Winning Strategies in the 2020 Battlefield

Broadcast Date: Thursday, June 25, 2020 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm (ET)
Nathan D. Louwagie
Peter Kohlhepp
Russell Rigby


About Carlson Caspers

Carlson Caspers is an acclaimed intellectual property law firm, known for its prowess in intellectual property litigation and counseling, including patent infringement, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, data privacy, Hatch-Waxman, monetization, appeals and more. Founded in 2003 in Minneapolis, MN, the firm has built a reputation for remarkable client success in consumer, commercial and industrial markets across a wide range of complex, technology-driven sectors such as medical devices, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, data privacy, and wireless communications.

The experienced lawyers at Carlson Caspers are a diverse team of scientists, pharmacists, engineers, geeks, and technologists who focus on delivering value by respecting the client’s genius and bringing in-depth industry knowledge, technical experience, subject matter expertise, and a global business perspective to every legal challenge. Clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as small companies and individuals. For more information, visit


About Intellectual Ventures

Nearly two decades ago, Intellectual Ventures was founded on the certainty that ideas have value. Since then, Intellectual Ventures has created a global business that creates, incubates, and commercializes impactful inventions—all while holding fast to the core belief that we can change the world through the power of invention.  Led by avid inventor and technology leader Nathan Myhrvold, IV has created more than a dozen companies with the power to transform industries. At the edge of technological advances to serve both the developed and developing world, IV works with many of the world’s top inventors to push innovation forward. 

Intellectual Ventures manages one of the world’s largest patent portfolios and continues to reshape how patent licensing is done. Through strategic sales and the continued success of collaborative deals, IV provides some of the world’s largest companies access to thousands of inventions. That’s how we create a market for invention that rewards inventors and drives innovation for scores of companies.