The Fundamentals of Patent Insurance Coverage: What you Need to Know

Broadcast Date: Friday, August 11, 2017 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (ET)
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About RPX Insurance Services

Using its proprietary actuarial model, RPX Insurance customizes policies to the specific risk and coverage needs of each insured. RPX policies provide integrated claims management, preferred provider legal services, and case resolution support, thus allowing a company to fully outsource every aspect of dealing with patent risk. RPX offers a full suite of patent insurance products, including Emerging Risk, Standard Protection, Indemnification, Portfolio Protection, and Volatility Risk. Premiums start at $1,500.  

The insurance offering is administered by RPX Insurance Services LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RPX Corporation and a Lloyd’s coverholder. Binding Authority UMR Number: B0618FB14A605A; California License Number: 0H74909. More information about RPX Insurance Services and its offerings is available at



About LA PLAYA SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: Insurance with Intelligence®

La Playa is an award-winning, independent specialist broker based in the UK and USA. A registered broker at Lloyd’s of London, La Playa works with a broad range of people and organizations involved in Science, Technology, Media, Arts and Entertainment, supporting their entrepreneurial endeavours with expert insurance and risk management advice.  Many of La Playa’s clients are disruptive innovators and creatives, with a strong focus on intellectual property.