FFIEC’s Cybersecurity Assessment Tool for Cybersecurity Preparedness: What Your Firm Needs to Know in 2016

Broadcast Date: Monday, April 11, 2016 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (ET)
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Tim Layton
Mark Johnston
Larry Larsen


About SurfWatch Labs

SurfWatch Labs helps organizations and service providers quickly establish a strategic cyber threat intelligence operation that drives more effective use of their tactical defenses.

Founded in 2013 by former US Government intelligence analysts, SurfWatch Labs solutions provide a 360-degree view of cyber threats in the context of your business, along with practical and personalized support to create immediate insights and meaningful action. Combining useful analytics, applications and human expertise, SurfWatch solutions can be your off-the-shelf, cyber threat intelligence team or delivered as a comprehensive product suite that easily integrates with your existing cybersecurity operations.

SurfWatch Labs: Cyber In Sight. For more information, visit www.surfwatchlabs.com.

Website: https://www.surfwatchlabs.com/

About Watkins Consulting, Inc.

Watkins Consulting is a management consulting firm specializing in accounting, regulatory compliance and risk management.  Watkins Consulting offers a suite of cybersecurity risk mitigation tools including NIST and FFIEC cybersecurity evaluations, penetration testing, network analysis and breach remediation. Watkins has 25+ years in regulatory compliance and risk management in the financial industry, a staff of industry experts with public trust clearances, and vetted technical partners who are ready to work to improve Watkins’ clients’ cybersecurity sophistication. Watkins Consulting currently provides services to both government and private sector entities.

Website: https://www.watkinsconsulting.com/

About Apple Federal Credit Union

In 1956, a group of educators working within the Fairfax County Public School system came together to assist a colleague in purchasing a set of car tires. This seemingly simple act, though these 10 teachers could not have known it at the time, planted the seeds for a partnership that would span half a century and serve thousands of members in the pursuit of an improved life, either through education and/or the achievement of dreams. Now over $2 billion in total assets with 22 branches, Apple FCU continues this tradition of service with a full-range of high-quality, low-cost financial products and services designed to help members achieve their financial goals. 

Website: https://www.applefcu.org/