Fair Value Accounting: A 2012 Update

Production Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET)
CLE Competence Issues, Substance Abuse, Mental Health Webcast
Greg Carlin
David Larsen
Stanley J. Feldman, Ph.D.
Mark L. Zyla CPA/ABV, CFA, ASA
Elizabeth Evans


Recording for this event is not available.

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Axiom Valuation Solutions is nationally recognized financial security and business valuation firm based in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Axiom specializes in fair value pricing of highly illiquid fixed income securities, common and preferred equity, and derivatives. Our client base for these services includes hedge and private equity funds as well as institutional investors- endowments, pension plans, and foundations. Axiom provides valuation services to both private and public firms related to the valuation of intangibles assets and goodwill for financial reporting purposes and for tax-related purposes. Axiom also works with privately-held businesses around the country on valuations for business succession, gifting, and estate tax purposes.

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S&P Capital IQ Valuation Services provides investors with a cross-market approach to assessing risk and value in portfolios. We offer independent and transparent valuations across asset classes for global fixed income securities and complex illiquid instruments using both market-and model-based approaches. Clients use our evaluations to help monitor portfolios, calculate margin, analyze holdings, calculate net asset values and provide prices on client statements.

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Acuitas is an Atlanta, Georgia based consulting firm which provides value and decision consulting for a wide range of corporate financial and tax transactions. Our professionals have served hundreds of clients from Fortune 500 corporations to various closely held entities and professional practices with issues related to understanding value or assisting with matters in dispute. www.acuitasinc.com

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