How to Effectively Use Expert Evidence in Wage and Hour Litigation: A Comprehensive Guide for 2019

Broadcast Date: Thursday, April 25, 2019 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm (ET)
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Dr. Elizabeth Newlon
Alison Rose


About NERA

NERA Economic Consulting is a global leader in economic analysis and consulting. With nearly 400 experts in 25 offices around the world, the firm applies economic, finance, and quantitative principles to solve complex business challenges and legal questions. Our experts advise clients and, when necessary testify, on some of today’s most difficult problems in the fields of antitrust and competition, intellectual property, securities and finance, transfer pricing, and energy, communications, and infrastructure issues. NERA is known for providing clear, independent, defensible analysis innovation in the application of economics, statistics, and data analysis. 


About Resolution Economics Group LLC

Founded in 1998, Resolution Economics has become a market leader in providing expert analysis related to class-action employment matters and other complex litigation.  Our professionals are experienced experts in their fields, many holding advanced degrees and credentials such as PhDs, MAs, MBAs, and CPAs.  We are experienced at presenting our findings in a variety of settings, including trial, mediation, arbitration, and direct consultation.

Resolution Economics has provided consulting and expert services in hundreds of high-stakes class action lawsuits, as well as small and medium sized cases, for leading law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies across the nation.  Our professionals are adept in handling cases that require the highest level of skill in economic analysis, econometric modeling, statistical sampling, and data management. We understand that our clients need to know not just what the data shows, but what it means. In every case, the data tells a “story.” Our mission is to discover that story, using economic principles and business insights to appropriately frame our statistical analyses.