Enhanced State False Claims Act Enforcement in 2016

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (ET)
CLE Administrative Law
Julie Keeton Bracker
Kevin Porter
Mary Inman


About Bracker & Marcus LLC

From its office in metro Atlanta, Bracker & Marcus LLC litigates False Claims Act cases in courts across the country, devoting its entire practice to counseling and protecting whistleblowers. Partners Julie Bracker and Jason Marcus have worked together for seven years exclusively in the False Claims Act and related areas, and have developed a diverse practice of advising would-be whistleblowers on the viability of their claims and what other options are available to them, investigating and filing False Claims Act cases, working with the state and federal governments to develop sealed cases, litigating declined cases, and providing support to attorneys who are new to the FCA or who need local counsel in Georgia.

Website: https://www.fcacounsel.com/

About Vigorito,Barker,Porter & Patterson,LLP

Vigorito, Barker, Porter & Patterson, LLP has established itself as one of New York’s premier litigation boutiques. The firm concentrates in the defense of professional negligence, general liability claims and health care law; currently serving as lead counsel in significant litigation on behalf of the largest insurance and medical entities in the New York metropolitan area.

While VBPP is a new firm it is not new to the field. Collectively, the founding partners have more than 120 years of experience, and have taken more than 150 verdicts across nine counties in the New York State Supreme Court system, as well as both the Eastern and Southern District Federal Courts.  The firm’s members boast decades of experience representing a variety of health care providers in malpractice actions, administrative hearings, contracts, disciplinary proceedings, criminal investigations arising from healthcare transactions, and compliance issues.

Website: https://www.vbpplaw.com/

About Constantine Cannon

Constantine Cannon, with offices in New York, Washington, D.C., London and San Francisco, is a boutique law firm best known for its record-breaking accomplishments on behalf of plaintiffs in antitrust cases and whistleblowers in "qui tam" cases brought under the False Claims Act or claims filed under the whistleblower programs of the IRS, SEC and CFTC.  With more than 100 years of collective experience representing whistleblowers, the firm's whistleblower attorneys have been responsible for securing more than $1.7 billion in recoveries for federal and state governments and more than $300 million in whistleblower rewards for their clients.  This is in addition to the firm’s internationally known antitrust practice which has recovered more than $5 billion in damages and tens of billions of dollars more in injunctive relief, including two of the largest antitrust settlements in U.S. history.

Website: https://constantinecannon.com/