Emerging Issues: FDA Food Safety Foreign Suppliers & US Importers Rules Impact and Guidance in 2014

Broadcast Date: Friday, May 16, 2014 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET)
healthcare, medical and pharmacy
Leslie T. Krasny
Maile Gradison Hermida


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Keller and Heckman counsels clients—from multinational corporations to start-up companies—on compliance with food and drug laws and regulations throughout the world. The products we help get to market include foods, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, dietary supplements, tobacco products, and cosmetics. Our attorneys advise clients on labeling and advertising issues, crisis management, compliance with U.S. bioterrorism laws and other laws and regulations affecting the global marketing of food and drug products, and product development and approval strategies. Keller and Heckman clients benefit from the in-depth expertise and extensive experience of our attorneys, many of whom have scientific and technical backgrounds. Our attorneys have worked for private industry; state, federal and international agencies; and consulting firms. And, with a staff of over twenty scientists, we are a leader in the use of interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving.

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Players in the food and agriculture sectors address regulatory challenges at every stage of the production cycle, from farm to table. Food production, processing, labeling, distribution, and advertising present issues in which business and regulation intersect. Hogan Lovells helps clients anticipate, shape, and comply with regulations from numerous agencies at the national, state, and local levels. We also assess and implement strategies that ensure compliance while advancing business objectives. Our practice team includes lawyers with high-level experience in government and who have served in senior executive positions within the food industry, including as general counsel to food companies and trade associations. Our experience also extends into science and technology with several of our lawyers having academic degrees and professional backgrounds in these areas.

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