e-Invoicing to the Rescue: Ensuring Business Continuity in Uncertain Times

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (ET)
Tomasz Spłuszka
Todd M. Albers


About Comarch Inc.

For 26 years, Comarch has helped major brands around the world reach higher productivity by implementing innovative IT solutions. With 6500 experts, 56 subsidiaries and affiliates in 100 countries, Comarch has the proprietary software and expertise to help your organization reach the next level.

Regardless of the size or technical maturity of your company, Comarch e-Invoicing is a powerful and comprehensive product that both streamlines and automates all of your AP/AR invoicing processes to enable a secure and highly efficient document exchange with all of your business partners and clients. Created to address the challenges of the ongoing digital transformation, it is fully compliant with the latest legal regulations and modern standards for data transfer.

Website: https://www.comarch.com/

About Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

We serve the public by pursuing a growing economy and stable financial system that work for all of us. With headquarters in Minneapolis and a Branch in Helena, Mont., we examine banks to make them safe and sound. We conduct world-class research to inform policymakers. Our 1,000 employees in Minneapolis and 60 in Helena monitor the regional economy to help determine the nation’s monetary policy. We strive to promote economic well-being. And much more.

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