Designing and Implementing an Executive Compensation Program: Strategies and Best Practices

Broadcast Date: Thursday, March 07, 2019 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm (ET)
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Patrick Haggerty
Christopher Earnest
Stephen F. O'Byrne


About Pay Governance LLC

Pay Governance LLC is an independent firm that serves as a trusted advisor on executive compensation matters. Our work helps to ensure that our clients' executive rewards programs are strongly aligned with performance and supportive of appropriate corporate governance practices.

We assist in developing an overall framework and governing philosophy, which describes the company’s approach to all aspects of pay. We utilize decision-quality data to assist compensation committees in making fully informed decisions.

We evaluate incentive and other executive program designs to:

  • Ensure that plans meet the company’s philosophy
  • Support corporate strategy and organization
  • Ensure performance measures are appropriate and consistent with the company’s value creation objectives
  • Improve “line of sight”
  • Align executive interests with those of shareholders
  • Be tax, accounting, and dilution efficient
  • Align pay and performance

We keep compensation committees informed and educated on emerging trends and key developments in executive compensation

We perform periodic reviews of executive arrangements, benefits and perquisites from both a “how” and “how much” perspective.

We work with compensation committees to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and best practices.


About Compensation Advisory Partners

Compensation Advisory Partners, LLC (CAP) is an independent executive compensation consulting firm with offices in Houston, Tulsa and headquartered in New York City. Supported by rigorous analytics, we work with boards of directors and management teams to develop innovative and practical solutions that advance company objectives.

Our advice is grounded in extensive real-time experience and aligns with strong corporate governance standards. Our client experience ranges from some of the largest Fortune 100 multi-nationals to smaller start-ups. Our clients benefit from the collective intelligence and practical experience of our consultants to provide superior market insight.

After working together for many years at other large consulting firms, our partners saw the need to create a new firm positioned to provide strictly independent executive compensation consulting advice. CAP was founded in 2009 to deliver this important service with excellence.

About Shareholder Value Advisors Inc.

Shareholder Value Advisors (SVA) is a consulting firm that helps companies improve performance through more effective business unit incentives.

Effective business unit incentives require (1) a well-designed measure of business value added, (2) accurate estimates of competitive pay and (3) a plan design that achieves the three basic objectives of executive pay: providing strong incentives to increase shareholder value, retaining key talent and limiting shareholder cost.

SVA’s distinctive capability is better measurement.  SVA’s work on measuring business value added isolates management’s contribution to value by adjusting for capital investment, investor expectations and peer company performance.  SVA’s work on competitive pay uses multiple regression models to get more accurate market rates by controlling for position, industry, size, profitability and risk.  SVA’s work on plan design uses a distinctive framework to measure alignment, incentive strength and the company’s pay premium at industry average performance using realizable as well as grant date pay.