BYOD & Social Media in the Workplace: Managing Privacy and Legal Risks for Employers

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET)
CLE Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination Of Bias Online
James Y. Wu
Allegra J. Lawrence-Hardy
Francine E. Love


About Wu Castillo, PC

Wu Castillo, P.C. is not just another law firm.  Founding shareholders James Wu and Claudia Castillo provide undivided focus and dedication to their clients without the big firm rigmarole, red tape, and high fees.  The firm doesn’t overlook the small stuff, doesn’t turn molehills into mountains, and doesn’t count any client as just another business opportunity.

Wu Castillo, P.C. represents companies with employees in California.  The firm is less concerned with the quantity of clients it has, and more concerned with developing long-lasting relationships with quality clients.

The firm is also a minority-owned firm.


About Lawrence & Bundy LLC

Founded by Allegra Lawrence-Hardy and Thomas Bundy, the litigation firm Lawrence & Bundy delivers the results clients demand.  With innovative problem solving and creative fee arrangements,  the firm provides agile, effective, efficient solutions for clients nationwide.   Lawrence & Bundy represents an array of sophisticated business entities and people in Atlanta, GA, and Washington, DC. 


About Love Law Firm, PLLC

Love Law Firm, PLLC stands out in a crowded field: a firm focused on the needs of business, bringing targeted, real-world legal counsel to its clients.  Love Law Firm was founded on the principle that all businesses – from sole proprietors to the mega-corporations – deserve the counsel and guidance of seasoned legal professionals who know and care about its business. Love Law Firm represents clients from Manhattan to Suffolk County, in a range of industries, sizes, and stages of existence.