Aviation Finance and the International Tax Reform on BEPS: What You Need to Know and Do

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET)
Albert Givray
Caroline Devlin


About Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP

The Davis Graham & Stubbs aviation law group is a unique alternative to large leasing and finance law firms.  They’re a small group of veterans who have been practicing aviation law for decades.  One of them also serves as General Counsel to a company that manufactures and repairs aircraft components as a tier 1 supplier to airframe and engine makers, and to operators of large fleets.  This role gives them a keen insight on how to satisfy client objectives efficiently.  They also have a specialized knowledge about helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft leased and financed throughout the world.  The firm’s aviation clients have presence in six continents, so the group has working relationships with local experts to support leasing and financing in many countries.  Whether it's about the rules of the FAA, treaties like the Cape Town Convention, industry practices, or about the clauses that should be in your deal documents, DGS lawyers can recommend what's worth worrying about from the legal end, and what's not worth the bother.  You can read more about the DGS aviation group at https://www.dgslaw.com/expertise/aviation.

Website: https://www.dgslaw.com/

About Arthur Cox

Arthur Cox is one of Ireland's largest law firms. We are an "all-island" law firm with offices in Dublin and Belfast. The firm also has offices in London, New York and Silicon Valley. Our practice encompasses all aspects of corporate and business law.

For almost 100 years, we have been at the forefront of developments in the legal profession in Ireland. From the outset, we have striven to deliver superior levels of service, building relationships that grow over time and developing specialist industry knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals.

Website: https://www.arthurcox.com/