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Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing CLE

DOJ’s New Guidance in Anti-Poaching and Wage-Fixing Agreements: What You Should Know in 2017

Live Webcast Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (ET)
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Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing

Join us for this Knowledge Group Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing Webinar. An advisory publication released October 25, 2016, by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission finds antitrust violations in “no-poaching agreements” and wage-fixing agreements between competing companies. The document, titled “Antitrust Guidance for Human Resources Professionals,” makes clear such agreements are per se illegal, even if no action is taken to enforce them and even if no anticompetitive effect results. Any agreement not to hire another company’s employees, and any agreement to set wages, may fall within the guidance’s proscription. Criminal penalties may be visited not only upon a company but also upon its executives and human resources professionals. What’s more, the DOJ and FTC want companies to go one step further and report any such behavior.

In this two-hour Webcast, a panel of thought leaders assembled by The Knowledge Group will analyze the new guidance and lay out how companies and human resources professionals should respond. This includes implementing training regimens and compliance programs designed to prevent entering into illegal agreements or exchanging sensitive wage-related information with competitors. The panel will also discuss recent developments in litigation and class actions filed resulting from allegations of anti-poaching agreements.

Key topics include:

  • Antitrust Legal Framework
  • Agreements in Restraint of Trade
  • Recruitment and Hiring Policies
  • No-Poach and Anti-Raiding Pacts
  • Human Resources Training
  • Relationships With Agencies and Suppliers
  • Criminal and Civil Penalties

Who Should Attend

  • Employment Lawyers
  • Antitrust Lawyers
  • In-house Counsel
  • Benefits Managers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Other Related/Interested professionals


Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing
James Tierney
Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing
Tanisha James
Senior Associate
Cooley LLP
Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing
Shannon Seitz
Vice President
Analysis Group, Inc.

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Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing

James Tierney, Partner

DOJ High-Tech Investigation

  • DOJ filed 3 lawsuits involving 7 high tech firms and 2 animation studios
  • DOJ asserted agreements not to “cold call,” hire employees or make counter offers were per se violations
  • DOJ rejected arguments that agreements were ancillary to legitimate, procompetitive business activities

DOJ/FTC Guidance for HR Professionals

  • Intention to proceed criminally against “naked” wage-fixing and no-solicitation agreements
  • HR and other executives may be held criminally responsible
  • Companies encouraged to report violations under DOJ’s Corporate Leniency Policy
  • Companies should adopt effective compliance programs

Antitrust in the Trump Administration

  • Expect criminal enforcement of wage-fixing agreements
  • Expect investigations of no-solicitation agreements, but criminal enforcement unlikely
  • Little legal support for Obama Administration’s radical shift in policy on criminal enforcement of no-solicitations agreements

Tanisha James, Senior Associate
Cooley LLP

  • Brief discussion of the cases/enforcement actions that have led to the focus on anti-poaching/”no cold call” agreements
    • 3 civil actions against tech companies
    • Highlights of the Consent Judgements coming out of those settlements
  • Key guidance regarding no-poaching coming from the DOJ/FTC guidance
  • Key guidance against the sharing of compensation information with competitors
  • Practical tips for companies in the M&A context in light of the new guidance

Shannon Seitz, Vice President
Analysis Group, Inc.

  1. Key economic Issues in employment antitrust litigation
    • Impact of anti-poaching agreements on employee mobility
    • Effect of wage information sharing on compensation
    • Use of industry compensation surveys to benchmark compensation
    • Firm wage structures and propagation of impact
  2. Parallels between typical product antitrust class actions and anti-poaching/wage sharing class actions
    • Monopoly power : Monopsony power
    • Restraint of trade : Restraint of employee mobility
    • Price Collusion : Coordination of wages/compensation
  3. Factors that differentiate anti-poaching and wage sharing class actions from typical product antitrust cases
    • Price has multiple components; compensation has multiple components that could differ across firms and positions within the same firm
    • Compensation can include non-pecuniary benefits (e.g., daycare on site) or components with varying value (e.g., stock options)
    • Total compensation can be non-transparent to other firms and workers
    • Presence of unions and bargaining pools

Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing

Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing

James TierneyPartnerOrrick

Jim Tierney is a partner in Orrick’s Washington, DC office.  Jim maintains a wide-ranging antitrust practice with a focus on advising and representing clients in government merger and conduct investigations.  Before joining Orrick in 2016, Jim was the long-term Chief of DOJ’s Networks & Technology Enforcement Section where he helped shape federal competition enforcement policy in a wide variety of industries, including high technology and financial services markets.  In that role, he supervised the teams that filed the U.S. v. Adobe, U.S. v. Lucasfilm and U.S. v. eBay  lawsuits challenging anticompetitive non-solicitation agreements among Silicon Valley and other firms.

Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing

Tanisha JamesSenior AssociateCooley LLP

Tanisha A. James is a Senior Associate in Cooley’s Antitrust & Competition group. Her practice focuses on helping clients and investors obtain their financial and company objectives by successfully navigating them through the mergers and acquisitions and strategic investment processes, with a specific focus on antitrust and competition issues, to achieve positive outcomes for their businesses, stakeholders and portfolios.

The breadth of Tanisha’s experience comes from years of working collaboratively with clients in high-tech industries, biotechnology healthcare/pharmaceuticals, digital/print media and publishing, computer and cloud solutions, and the internet of things. Tanisha also has significant experience with edtech, fintech, industrial equipment, automotive parts, food, retail and consumer products and sports.

Tanisha is specifically known for her representation and counseling of corporate clients in connection with their complex domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments, joint ventures, and government and private antitrust investigations. Her clients regularly entrust her with guiding investors and companies through the HSR merger review analysis and process; negotiating with governmental and private parties; responding to second requests and agency investigations; advocating before the agencies and political bodies; and coordinating antirust defense strategies around the world. She also provides counseling and training on a wide range of antitrust issues such as private equity and minority investments, compliance, distribution and licensing of intellectual property.

Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing

Shannon SeitzVice PresidentAnalysis Group, Inc.

Dr. Shannon Seitz has a broad range of expertise in labor economics, class certification, econometrics and applied microeconomics. She has worked on a series of high-profile antitrust matters involving employment issues, including claims of anti-poaching and wage fixing. Dr. Seitz has authored expert reports and declarations pertaining to employment and class certification litigation. Dr. Seitz was formerly a co-editor at Labour: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, and has been a principal investigator and co-investigator on grants funded by the Social Security Administration and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. She has published research in the CPI Antitrust Chronicle, International Economic Review, The Review of Economic Studies, and the Journal of Labor Economics. Dr. Seitz received her Ph.D. and masters in economics from the Western University and her business degree from the University of Saskatchewan. Prior to joining Analysis Group, she was an assistant professor of economics at Boston College.  

Online CLE Anti-Poaching Wage-Fixing

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About the Knowledge Group

The Knowledge Group

The Knowledge Group has been a leading global provider of Continuing Education (CLE, CPE) for over 13 Years. We produce over 450 LIVE webcasts annually and have a catalog of over 4,000 on-demand courses.

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