A Practical Guide in Litigation Finance: Practical Tips and Strategies

Broadcast Date: Monday, November 09, 2020 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (ET)
Grant Schrader
William C. Marra


About Law Finance Group

Founded by lawyers in 1994, Law Finance Group™ (“LFG”) is widely recognized as a pioneer and trusted leader in litigation finance. LFG offers innovative and tailored funding solutions designed to enable plaintiffs and their attorneys to pursue meritorious claims of all types, and to provide capital to law firms to grow their practices. The company’s seasoned in-house attorneys understand the complex realities of pursuing litigation, and are committed to supporting the financial and strategic needs of clients in an efficient and ethical manner. LFG works with clients across the legal landscape, from solo practitioners to midsize, regional law firms to AmLaw 100 firms and Fortune 500 companies, who all turn to LFG to manage risk, unlock capital, and ensure disputes resolve on their own terms.

Website: https://www.lawfinance.com/

About Validity Finance, LLC

Validity is a commercial litigation finance company that provides businesses, law firms and individuals with non-recourse financing for a wide variety of commercial disputes. Founded in 2018, with $400 million in financing, Validity believes that capital and legal expertise combine to help solve legal problems on behalf of clients. Validity’s’ mission is to make a meaningful difference for clients by focusing on fairness, ethics, innovation, and clarity.

Website: https://validity-finance.com/