14 Courses Included. 23.5 Credits Available. Take What You Need/Enjoy The Rest.


Making the Difference: Women and Diversity in Law


How to Deal with Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Practical Tips and Strategies Lawyers Need to Consider


Got Ethics? Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Compliance and Ethics Program


Attorney-Client Privilege and Internal Investigations: Ethical Risks and Pitfalls


Ethics and Data Security: Practical Tips and Strategies in Protecting Client Data

Patent Infringement: A Legal and Economic Outlook

Gambling Laws and Regulations in U.S.: Significant Issues and Developments

Uncovering the Role of Healthcare in Unstoppable Opiate Addiction CLE/CPE Rebroadcast

Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela in the Crosshairs: What Your Company Needs to Know About the New U.S. Sanctions

TCPA Class Action Litigation: Defense Strategies to Ensure Compliance

Post-Sale Duties: Best Practices & Strategies to Prevent & Defend Product Liability Litigation

Business Interruption Claims: What You Need to Know in 2018

ADA New Compliance Guidelines: What You Need to Know in 2018 and Beyond

Apportionment in Patent Damages: What You Need to Know and Do