34 MCLE Courses to choose from. Take what you need for CLE and enjoy the rest!

Requires 1 Elimination of Bias and 1 Competence Issue Credit

Elimination of Bias


ADA New Compliance Guidelines: What You Need to Know in 2018 and Beyond

Competence Issues


How to Deal with Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Practical Tips and Strategies Lawyers Need to Consider

Substance Abuse & Mental Health


Uncovering the Role of Attorneys in Unstoppable Opiate Addiction


Challenges of Social Media in 2018: Every Lawyer’s Professional Obligations Explored!

Ethics ( Requires 4 Credits)

8 Credits available. Pick and choose from the courses below after you purchase the bundle.

Ethical Obligations of Lawyers

Got Ethics? Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Compliance and Ethics Program

Ethics and Data Security: Practical Tips and Strategies in Protecting Client Data

Legal Series: Ethical Issues in Attorney Use of Social Media

Professional Practice ( Requires 15 Credits)

32 Credits available. Pick and choose from the courses below after you purchase the bundle.

Cannabis Regulation: Current Legal Issues You Should Know

Residential Mortgage: How to Survive Litigation Woes and Regulatory Enforcement Actions

The A-Z of Alternative Dispute Resolution Explored!

Artificial Intelligence and The Patent Law: Promises and Perils

Intensified Enforcement and Investigations in Employer Immigration Compliance: What Lies Ahead

Patent Infringement: A Legal and Economic Outlook

Drone Law: Flying into Troubled Skies in 2016

Employment-Based Immigration Under the New Administration: Its Implications and Legal Issues Explored!

Gambling Laws and Regulations in U.S.: Significant Issues and Developments

Post-Confirmation Liquidation and Litigation Trusts in Bankruptcies: Best Practices and Practical Guide

Public-Private Partnerships: Framework, Trends and Updates

Residential Mortgage Litigation and Enforcement – Keeping Ahead of the Curve

Social Media in the Workplace: Opportunities and Legal Challenges Uncovered!

The EB-5 Program Reform: What Your Firm Should Be Aware Of in 2017

The Future of Immigration Laws and Regulations: What Lies Ahead in 2018

Understanding Form I-9 Violations: Reducing Risks and Ensuring Best Practices for Employers in 2017

3D Printing in Intellectual Property and Trial Practice: What You Ought to Know

Dealing with Whistleblowers: What Employers Need to Know in 2018 and Beyond

Recent Trends, Developments and Updates in Bankruptcy & Restructuring Law: What You Should Not Miss

White Collar Crime Law and the Criminal Justice Reform Under the New Administration: Trends, Developments and Updates

The Nuts and Bolts of Tax Penalties: A Practical Guide

Skills ( Requires 4 Credits)

11 Credits available. Pick and choose from the courses below after you purchase the bundle.

Managing and Defending Against Patent Infringement Lawsuits: Best Strategies and Practical Tips Explored!

Non-Compete Agreements: Understanding Trial Techniques and Litigation Strategies

Pre-Immigration Tax Planning in the 2018 Landscape: Trends, Developments and Updates

Resolving Healthcare Disputes Through Best Practices in Mediation & Arbitration

Intellectual Property Due Diligence in M&A Transactions: A Legal and Valuation Guide

Secured GC: Practical Guide and Best Practices in Responding to a Data Breach

The Fundamentals and Restructuring Issues in LLC Operating Agreements and Corporate Governance

When Strategy Wins | A Client’s Last Minute Victory at Trial