34 MCLE Courses to choose from. Take what you need for CLE and enjoy the rest!

Requires 1 Elimination of Bias and 1 Competence Issue Credit

Elimination of Bias


ADA New Compliance Guidelines: What You Need to Know in 2018 and Beyond

Competence Issues


How to Deal with Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Practical Tips and Strategies Lawyers Need to Consider

Substance Abuse & Mental Health


Uncovering the Role of Attorneys in Unstoppable Opiate Addiction


Challenges of Social Media in 2018: Every Lawyer’s Professional Obligations Explored!

Ethics ( Requires 4 Credits)

8 Credits available. Pick and choose from the courses below after you purchase the bundle.


Ethics for Lawyers: Ethical Obligations of Lawyers

Got Ethics? Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Compliance and Ethics Program

Ethics and Data Security: Practical Tips and Strategies in Protecting Client Data

Legal Series: Ethical Issues in Attorney Use of Social Media

Professional Practice ( Requires 15 Credits)

32 Credits available. Pick and choose from the courses below after you purchase the bundle.

Cannabis Regulation: Current Legal Issues You Should Know

Residential Mortgage: How to Survive Litigation Woes and Regulatory Enforcement Actions

The A-Z of Alternative Dispute Resolution Explored!

Artificial Intelligence and The Patent Law: Promises and Perils

Intensified Enforcement and Investigations in Employer Immigration Compliance: What Lies Ahead

Patent Infringement: A Legal and Economic Outlook

Drone Law: Flying into Troubled Skies in 2016

Employment-Based Immigration Under the New Administration: Its Implications and Legal Issues Explored!

Gambling Laws and Regulations in U.S.: Significant Issues and Developments

Post-Confirmation Liquidation and Litigation Trusts in Bankruptcies: Best Practices and Practical Guide

Public-Private Partnerships: Framework, Trends and Updates

Residential Mortgage Litigation and Enforcement – Keeping Ahead of the Curve

Social Media in the Workplace: Opportunities and Legal Challenges Uncovered!

The EB-5 Program Reform: What Your Firm Should Be Aware Of in 2017

The Future of Immigration Laws and Regulations: What Lies Ahead in 2018

Understanding Form I-9 Violations: Reducing Risks and Ensuring Best Practices for Employers in 2017

3D Printing in Intellectual Property and Trial Practice: What You Ought to Know

Dealing with Whistleblowers: What Employers Need to Know in 2018 and Beyond

Recent Trends, Developments and Updates in Bankruptcy & Restructuring Law: What You Should Not Miss

White Collar Crime Law and the Criminal Justice Reform Under the New Administration: Trends, Developments and Updates

Skills ( Requires 4 Credits)

11 Credits available. Pick and choose from the courses below after you purchase the bundle.

Managing and Defending Against Patent Infringement Lawsuits: Best Strategies and Practical Tips Explored!

Non-Compete Agreements: Understanding Trial Techniques and Litigation Strategies

Pre-Immigration Tax Planning in the 2018 Landscape: Trends, Developments and Updates

Resolving Healthcare Disputes Through Best Practices in Mediation & Arbitration

Intellectual Property Due Diligence in M&A Transactions: A Legal and Valuation Guide

Secured GC: Practical Guide and Best Practices in Responding to a Data Breach

The Fundamentals and Restructuring Issues in LLC Operating Agreements and Corporate Governance