Samantha Iyengar CLE Attorney

Samantha Iyengar

Senior Consultant

NERA Economic Consulting

Dr. Samantha Iyengar is a Senior Consultant in NERA’s Intellectual Property Practice. She specializes in survey research, sampling, and statistical analysis, and has applied her expertise to matters involving class action, intellectual property and other litigation, as well as market research and criminal justice issues. Dr. Iyengar’s work has involved survey design and application, sample design and estimation, and data management and analysis. Dr. Iyengar has worked on a variety of survey and sampling litigation projects, including false advertising, purchase and use behaviors, likelihood of confusion, patent issues, wage and hour, and other issues involving consumer perceptions and behavior. She has submitted written reports relied upon in mediation. She also has experience using discrete choice methodology, such as conjoint and MaxDiff surveys, to quantify consumer demand for particular characteristics and features that make up individual products or services.