Mark D. Bradford


VLP Law Group LLP

Mark D. Bradford is a partner at VLP.  He specializes in executive compensation, equity compensation, and employee benefits for clients ranging from start-ups to emerging growth public companies. He also represents individual executives in negotiating employment agreements, terminations and severance, and entire management teams in significant M&A transactions.

Mark has over 16 years of experience as an executive compensation and employee benefits attorney. In over 200 cross-border and domestic M&A deals, he has represented buyers and sellers, with transactions ranging in size from a $1 million acquihire to a $7 billion sale of a major client.  In connection with these transactions, Mark has negotiated and drafted deal-related agreements, including employment, incentive, retention, severance and non-competition, and worked on post-closing integration matters. He has also worked with more than 35 companies on compensation matters arising out of their initial public offerings.

Mark has drafted hundreds of executive employment, equity and cash incentive, change in control, retention, and severance plans and arrangements for emerging growth companies. He brings a wealth of experience and perspective regarding the culture and business needs of Silicon Valley companies when providing counsel to in-house legal, human resource, finance, tax, and stock administration professionals.