Lisa J. Cameron


The Brattle Group, Inc.

Dr. Lisa Cameron is an economist with two decades of experience consulting for attorneys and companies involved in commercial litigation, regulatory proceedings, and other complex matters. She has deep experience in intellectual property issues in the pharmaceutical industry, including analyses of commercial success, irreparable harm, and damages.  She also has an extensive background in antitrust issues related to the pharmaceutical industry, including product hopping and reverse payment cases. On the product hopping front, Dr. Cameron led economic analyses in support of multiple experts in the Doryx matter, which the client won on summary judgment. In the area of reverse payment settlements, Dr. Cameron has conducted analyses of the economic implications of provisions commonly found in reverse payment settlements, including “no AG clauses” and “acceleration clauses.” Her paper, “An Empirical Approach to Reverse Payment Settlements,” provides a method for evaluating the competitive implications of these settlements on a case-by-case basis.