Gary Hobbs CLE Attorney

Gary Hobbs



Gary Hobbs is an entrepreneur and former corporate executive with extensive experience in real estate, technology, education, and healthcare.   He started his career as an electrical design engineer and has successfully migrated through the corporate ranks of companies like AT&T, Eli Lilly, and Roche Diagnostics. As an engineer, project manager, business executive, developer, and entrepreneur he has led organizations of up to four hundred people and budget responsibilities spanning well over $100M.

Currently, he is CEO for Black and White Investments, LLC.  Gary founded BWI in 2005 as a development and construction management company.  BWI’s target market is urban development within Indiana and their primary focus is multi-family and mix-use tax credit developments.

Gary is a co-founder of OZRA LLC (Opportunity Zone Real Estate Advisors).  OZRA is a small consulting firm of leading experts in Accounting, Law, and Real Estate Development.  We meets the growing needs of developers, investors, communities and municipalities in structuring deals and matching investors interested in the Opportunity Zone program.  Gary is one of the country’s leading authorities on this subject matter, as one of the leaders supporting Senator Tim Scott in crafting the bill at its inception into Law.