Elizabeth Newlon CLE Attorney

Elizabeth Newlon


NERA Economic Consulting

Dr. Newlon has extensive expertise in applying economics and statistical analysis in matters relating to labor and antitrust litigation in healthcare, delivery services, high-tech, and financial industries.  At the nexus of labor and antitrust litigation, Dr. Newlon has significant experience evaluating allegations of compensation suppression by employers through both no-poaching and wage-fixing agreements.  She has testified and consulted extensively as a labor and employment expert for companies such as Wal-Mart and FedEx Ground, and she brings her expansive knowledge of labor economics and labor markets to her work on wage suppression matters.  Dr. Newlon testified as the labor expert in Johana Paola Beltran, et al., v. Interexchange, Inc., et al., a matter in which labor violations flowed from the allegation of price-fixing of au pair stipends.  Dr. Newlon also led the Defense’s research team on the High-Tech Antitrust Litigation, a case involving multiple Defendants alleged to have suppressed over 60,000 employees’ wages through informal no-cold call agreements.  Dr. Newlon also has experience analyzing liability issues with respect to wage-fixing agreements related to travel and per diem nurses.