Elizabeth Arnold


Berkeley Research Group

Elizabeth Arnold is an expert in the Labor and Employment Practice and has been advising clients on issues related to labor law compliance for more than 15 years. She provides expert services to clients at leading law firms and companies nationwide on state and federal class action litigation and advisory (pre-litigation) projects across industries ranging from retail and beverage delivery to meat processing and gaming.

Ms. Arnold develops and implements customized research methodologies that address complex legal compliance issues, such as misclassification (i.e., exempt vs. non-exempt employees, independent contractor), donning and doffing, “suitable seating”, off-the-clock work (compensable time), missed meal and rest break claims, On-Duty Meal Period Agreement evaluation, and “tip pooling”.

Ms. Arnold has conducted more than 150 job analyses to address employment law compliance issues. Her engagements often include national research projects to determine the tasks and responsibilities of employees. Clients have used results from her studies to evaluate internal policies and practices and at multiple stages of active litigation, including mediation, class certification, and merit evaluation.