Dr. John R. Wheeler


Author, TSCA Compliance Guide & TSCA Compliance Online

John Wheeler is the author of the 6-volume TSCA Compliance Guide, and maintains the website TSCA Compliance Online, at www.TSCA.com.  Both the book and website provide compliance-oriented information to assist companies in understanding and complying with TSCA requirements. The book and website have been relied upon by more than 1000 companies.

John is a Ph.D. scientist and practicing attorney with degrees in chemistry and biology.  He works with company management and compliance personnel to evaluate whether a company is in compliance with TSCA, provides compliance assistance and advice, and represents clients before the EPA to resolve TSCA issues.

In addition to providing legal counsel, John served as the director of the product stewardship department of a major chemical company.  He also works in other environmental compliance areas, has helped negotiate more than 50 Superfund site settlements nationwide, and represents companies before the EPA, OSHA, FDA, and other Federal, state, and local regulatory agencies on a variety of compliance matters.