Dr. Elizabeth Newlon CLE Attorney

Dr. Elizabeth Newlon


NERA Economic Consulting

During her 15 years as an economic consultant and testifying expert, Dr. Newlon has prepared expert reports, testified, and consulted on matters involving a wide range of topics related to FLSA, state labor law, and antitrust wage suppression.  Dr. Newlon has analyzed labor and antitrust claims in individual and class/collective actions (addressing questions at certification, liability, and damages phases). 

In labor litigation, Dr. Newlon has significant experience with contractor misclassification, joint-employer claims, and allegations of wage and hour law violations.  She has written reports and testified about classwide liability and performed damages calculations for wage and hour allegations, including extensive experience with violations of California labor statutes resulting in unpaid overtime, incorrect regular-rate calculation, missed meal penalties, timesheet rounding bias, and waiting-time and itemization penalties.