Cleve B. Tyler CLE Attorney

Cleve B. Tyler, PhD

Managing Director

Berkeley Research Group, LLC

Cleve B. Tyler, PhD, is a managing director at Berkeley Research Group, LLC who specializes in applying economic analyses to antitrust, intellectual property, and damages issues. An economic consultant with more than twenty years of experience, Dr. Tyler has testified at deposition and trial in US federal court, in state court, and at arbitration. He is author of the book Calculating Intellectual Property Damages, published by West Publishing which is forthcoming in late 2020, and had written a chapter in prior versions of that book addressing IP expert testimony admissibility annually since 2010. He has also published papers on damages and competition issues including in AntitrustAntitrust Bulletin, and The Global Competition Review. Dr. Tyler also is an adjunct professor of economics in Johns Hopkins University’s applied economics program, teaching graduate-level courses in industrial organization and microeconomics.