Bruno Domingues CLE Attorney

Bruno Domingues

Principal Architect

Intel Corporation

Bruno Domingues is currently leading the Cloud Computing and Digital Edge strategy for Financial Service Industry in Sales and Market Group (SMG). He is responsible for initiating, evaluating, and managing strategic business opportunities, partnerships, and alliances in these areas. His goals are to launch effective initiatives in FSI through OEMs, SIs, ISVs, and CSPs to drive market adoption by developing and executing global go-to-market plans.

Mr. Bruno served as chairman of the IEEE Computer Society (R9), CMG Technical Director and is an active member of standardization groups. Mr. Bruno is actively involved in multiples projects and initiatives about multi-cloud adoption in FSI and represents Intel on several foruns worldwide. Recently, Mr. Bruno is researching the impact of digital transformation in financial services with an emphasis on Data Protection & Privacy practices and technologies, e.g., ML Interpretability, usage of biometric authentication, privacy-preserving ML, social bias, confidential computing, and compliance-aC.

Mr. Bruno holds a degree in Mathematics. He has been working in the Financial Services Industry since 1998. Mr. Bruno resides in Portland, Oregon, USA.