The 2017 Trends and Developments in eDiscovery and Its Implication to the Year Ahead


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The proliferation of technological innovations and eDiscovery trends has been a common sight these past years. The 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) had brought significant alterations in eDiscovery standards last year and more meaningful changes are still expected to surface in 2018. Changes are expected to focus on proportionality, discovery process management, use of innovative technologies and reduced tolerance of legal teams disinclined to add value to the discovery process.

In this LIVE Webcast, a seasoned panel of thought leaders and professionals brought together by The Knowledge Group will present to the audience the recent trends and developments in eDiscovery for the past years and will provide a sneak peek of the potential implications of these changes to the year ahead.

Key topics include:

  • eDiscovery Technology – Legal Framework
  • eDiscovery Laws: U.S and Internationally
  • 2017 Trends and Developments
  • Implication to the Year Ahead
  • Significant Amendments to FRCP
  • What Lies Ahead in 2018