Statutory Damages in Class Litigation: Significant Issues for 2017 & Beyond


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Typically without regard to the actual harm suffered by a plaintiff, statutory damages are damages whose amount is set by law. While statutory damages give plaintiffs a procedural advantage, they have become a multiplier of liability for defendants. Class actions claiming statutory damages and brought under consumer protection statuses can result to persistent and troublesome threats for various businesses and can signify significant exposure to a huge range of cases. Consumer protection statutes can result to the prohibition of certain types of business conduct and enforcement of affirmative duties on the target businesses which frequently include disclosure requirements to consumers.

Companies should keep themselves abreast of the various issues and developments concerning Statutory Damages in Class Litigation to be able to establish effective defense strategies and avoid potential risks and pitfalls.

The Knowledge Group has assembled a panel of key thought leaders and practitioners to discuss and analyze the various issues surrounding Statutory Damages in Class Litigation. The panel of speakers will also provide an in-depth discussion of the notable cases, developments, best strategies in handling the judicial remedy, and recent trends that parties in class litigation should watch out for in 2017 and beyond.

Key topics include:

  • Statutory Damages Actions – Recent Trends
  • Implications to Plaintiffs and Defendants
  • Proposed Remedial Legislation and Rule Amendments
  • Notable Court Decisions in Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins
  • Post-Spokeo Judicial Analysis
  • Effective Defense Strategies
  • Judicial Outlook