State Tax Credit Transfers: What You Need to Know in 2017 and Beyond


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For the past years, the enticing opportunities of tax credits have lured new startups, businesses and investments to expand and operate in different US states. However, despite its widespread patronage, these credits don’t attract large number of projects and ventures.

To further utilize the remaining value of the tax credits and enable a company or corporation to sell the remainder of the credit to companies involved in a large tax liability, states allow these enterprises to transfer and monetize their tax credits.

With the increasing opportunities, the transferability of tax credits has kept tax credit programs a part of a company's tax planning approach. Nonetheless, due to the different taxing jurisdictions, risks and pitfalls may potentially arise. To avoid such risks, companies and business must be well versed with the taxing jurisdiction of the states.

In this LIVE webcast, a seasoned panel of thought leaders, professionals and tax attorneys will provide and help the audience understand all the important aspects of State Tax Credit Transfers. Speakers will also present recent trends, developments, and updates with regard to this significant topic.

Key topics include:

  • State Tax Credits – Framework
  • Different Taxing Jurisdictions
  • Requirements and Compliance
  • Scope and Restrictions
  • Trends and Developments