Never Trust, Always Verify: Battling Sophisticated Cybersecurity Threats with “Zero Trust” Approach


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Today’s leaders in cybersecurity continue to look for ways to protect organizations from the increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity attacks. From the antiquated belief of "trust, but verify," the security world seems to be warming up to the new principle of zero trust IT. Under the latter approach, nothing inside or outside of an organization is being trusted.  The zero trust model cuts the time spent in tracking false positives, thus, enabling organizations to increase their productivity.

To ensure that benefits are maximized, it is essential for organizations to have a keen understanding of how the zero trust approach works. Businesses must also be crucial in selecting a technology partner that could help them in implementing the zero trust model effectively.

Listen to Catapult Systems experts, Ed Higgins and Joe Kuster, as they delve into a comprehensive discussion of the zero trust approach. Speakers, among other things, will present the best strategies in leveraging the most current technologies to detect and prevent cybersecurity attacks.

This LIVE Webcast will discuss the following key provisions:

  • The Zero Trust Approach: An Overview
  • Top Cybersecurity Issues
  • Maximizing the Benefits of the Zero Trust Approach
  • Selecting an Effective Technology Partner/Solution
  • Best Strategies