IT M&A Due Diligence: Best Practices Uncovered


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Preparing to conduct an M&A transaction, the focus is to make the deal work. One of the factors critical to the success of every M&A transaction is an extensive information technology (IT) integration strategy. Although often overlooked, performing IT due diligence in the post-deal phase is crucial in ensuring a successful IT integration. Insufficient focus on IT due diligence can result in poor execution and, eventually, evitable problems that companies will have to face after the deal announcement.

In this LIVE Webcast, a seasoned panel of thought leaders and professionals brought together by The Knowledge Group will provide the audience with an in-depth analysis of the recent developments in performing post-deal IT due diligence. Speakers will discuss the commonly associated IT integration complexities and how organizations can address them.

Key Issues:

  • Pre- and Post-Deal IT M&A Due Diligence: Recent Trends and Developments
  • Importance of IT Due Diligence in M&A Transactions
  • Risks, Issues, and Challenges
  • Best IT Integration Practices
  • Outlook