Cyber Insurance in Commercial Contracts: What You Must Know and Do


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Cyber insurance has been valuable in covering non-physical losses in commercial contracts. Significantly, as cases of cyber threats continue to proliferate, many contracts now contain a sub-clause on cyber coverage which protects businesses from damages brought by data breaches and computer attacks. Cyber insurance also provides coverage for regulatory investigations as well as for third-party claims.

However, counsel for insurers and policyholders are often confronted with issues such as non-uniformity of coverage and exclusions and ambiguity of language in coverage requirements. To mitigate these challenges, counsel must be adept at negotiating specific terms and drafting provisions of commercial contracts.

Join a panel of key thought leaders and distinguished professionals assembled by The Knowledge Group as they provide an in-depth discussion of cyber insurance in commercial contracts. Speakers will also discuss common challenges and best practices to leverage the opportunities of cyber insurance.

Key issues include:

  • Cyber Insurance in Commercial Contracts: Overview
  • Key Considerations in Drafting Coverage and Exclusions
  • Interplay With Other Insurance Provisions
  • Common Pitfalls and Challenges
  • Risk Mitigation Techniques
  • Practical Compliance Strategies