Cyber Insurance Coverage in 2020: Navigating Trends, Developments, and Challenges


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For the past years, cyber incidents have been continuously becoming more sophisticated as technological growth and innovation continue to develop in businesses worldwide. Thus, more companies are seeking out cyber insurance in the hope of keeping them safe from potential data breach liabilities. However, as the upward trend of cyber insurance continues to proliferate, intensified insurance terms and policies will still remain as a challenge for companies.

Therefore, it becomes more substantial that businesses of all sizes remain vigilant in being in the know with the latest know-how of implementing a cyber-insurance coverage in order to best prepare your company when such a situation arises.

In this LIVE Webcast, Bradley’s lawyers, Ms. Katherine Henry and Mr. Benjamin Milam will provide and present to the audience an in-depth analysis of the recent trends, developments and arising challenges in obtaining cyber insurance coverage. As experts, they will also provide best practices in maximizing its potential in mitigating data breach risk and pitfalls.

Some of the major topics that will be covered in this course are:

  • Cyber Insurance Coverage in the 2020 Landscape: An Overview
  • Recent Trends and Developments
  • Cyber-Insurance Coverage and Limitations
  • Opportunities and Pitfalls
  • Best Risk Mitigation Practices
  • What Lies Ahead