Conducting Internal Investigations: Strategic Step-by-Step Guide for 2018


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An effective internal investigation depends upon the expertise and competence of a company’s legal counsel and investigation team. In recent years, internal investigations have become larger and more complex that companies who are not well-equipped often fall into a sure abyss of legal and regulatory pitfalls.

Listen as a panel of key thought leaders and seasoned professionals in government and internal investigations, as well as employment litigation and counseling, discuss the fundamentals of conducting an effective and efficient investigation on matters that include "insider threats" and other alleged company rule violations. Speakers will also provide the audience with a strategic step-by-step guide during and after an internal investigation and will offer expert thoughts in conducting internal investigations to maximize possible benefits to a company when done successfully.

Some of the major topics will include, but not limited to:

  • Key Components of an Internal Investigation
  • Timing of Investigations
  • Nature and Scope of the Investigation
  • Managing Relationships During Internal Investigations
  • Document Retention and Data Privacy Issues
  • The Intersection of Labor and Employment Law and Internal Investigations
  • Protecting Confidentiality in Investigations and When to Disclose
  • Employee Privacy Pitfalls
  • Preserving Evidence During/After an Investigation
  • Legal Consequences for Unlawful Data Collection
  • Identifying Common Sources of Fraud and Other Risk Factors
  • Common Strategies and Best Practices