Class Actions & Mass Tort Litigation: Trends & Developments in 2017


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At a quick glance, one would think that class actions and mass tort litigation are one and the same lawsuits. Both deal with a large number of plaintiffs wanting to sue a defendant's wrongful conduct, and both serve primarily for the purpose of decreasing the number of court cases that arise from the same grounds. To top it all, both types involve some of the highly watched-for cases worldwide.

A closer analysis, however, will prove the far difference between a class action and a mass tort. Procedurally, before a class action lawsuit is formed, there are several factors to be considered and several certifications to be made. The class representative and the class members must prove that each one of them shares common injuries and damages, that which resulted from the same source.

Mass torts, on the other hand, do not have such certifications. Although they also aim to reduce court cases, they cover a broader range of claim types, thus, must be handled differently. The most common of this type are cases involving defective drugs and defective products. Since the adverse effects of defective drugs and products may vary from an individual to another, it becomes harder to make it fit in a single lawsuit. Therefore, lawsuits are filed separately. In the process, mass tort lets one attorney or groups of attorneys represent the involved parties.

This course offers an overview of the latest trends and developments with respect to Class Actions and Mass Tort Litigation. A panel of thought leaders and practitioners will help firms understand these two types of lawsuits to be of better service to their clients.

Key topics:

  • Pre-Suit / Early Case / Assessment
  • Latest Developments
  • Best Practices in Settling Class Actions and Mass Torts
  • Recent and Most Significant Mass Tort Litigation
  • Recent and Most Significant Class Action Lawsuits