BYOD in e-Discovery: Managing Risks and Ensuring Best Practices in 2016


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The proliferated use of personal mobile devices for professional purposes, normally referred to as “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), in today’s workplace increases the complexities in identifying user-created data, thus creating a swarm of legal and practical challenges for organizations of all sizes. In this LIVE Webcast, a remarkable panel of key thought leaders and professionals assembled by The Knowledge Group will help the audience understand the most important aspects of BYOD in eDiscovery and the fundamentals of these challenges. Going beyond the usual mechanics, the speakers will provide the audience with their expert thoughts and insights on how to identify and effectively and efficiently manage risks and the current best practices in this significant area.

Key Topics:

  • BYOD in e-Discovery – A Perspective
  • Legal and Technological Challenges of BYOD e- Discovery
  • Regulatory and Jurisprudence Issues
  • Devices Types in BYOD Programs
  • Corporate Owned & Personally Enabled (COPE)
  • Corporate Owned & Business Only (COBO)
  • Hacking Forensics in e-Discovery
  • BYOD Access Limits: Networks, Applications, Servers, and Cloud
  • On-boarding, Guest Management, Credentialing and Authentication
  • BYOD and Data Ownership Issues
  • BYOD and Employee Privacy Violations
  • BYOD e-Discovery Cost Management
  • Practical BYOD e-Discovery Strategies
  • Recent Litigation
  • Recent Regulatory Developments


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