A Comprehensive Guide on Intelligent Process Automation: Leveraging Opportunities


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As COVID-19’s economic impact continues to generate shock waves among financial institutions, incorporating solutions that would ease banking activities is vital. Consequently, intelligent process automation (IPA), which enables businesses to create digital platforms and faster end-to-end processes, is currently gaining popularity. This momentum is brought by IPA’s benefits that expand from saving time and reducing costs to avoiding physical interaction between clients and employees.

Because it is imperative for banks and credit unions to be abreast of the current process automation initiatives arising in the payment industry, The Knowledge Group has assembled a panel of thought leaders and practitioners who will engage into an in-depth discussion of the IPA trends and developments in banking transactions. Speakers will also offer practical strategies and maximizing opportunities for this digital technology in light of the COVID-19 financial crisis.

Key issues that will be covered in this course are:

  • Why Use Intelligent Process Automation?
  • Key Trends and Developments
  • Mitigating Risks and Pitfalls
  • Best Practices and Strategies
  • Maximizing Opportunities Amid COVID-19 Crisis
  • Outlook