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About Nimble Storage

Users expect data to be always and immediately available. Any slow-down or disruption that occurs across IT infrastructure (storage, networks, servers, VMs) causes an “app-data” gap that disrupts data delivery and makes users wait. The Nimble Predictive Flash Platform closes the “app data gap,” giving users the fastest, most reliable access to data. By combining predictive analytics with flash storage, Nimble radically simplifies operations. More than 9,000 customers across 50 countries rely on Nimble to power their businesses, on-premise and in the cloud. For more information visit www.nimblestorage.com (NYSE:NMBL) and follow us on Twitter: @NimbleStorage.

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Online CLE Multicloud Data

Maintaining Effective and Efficient Multicloud Data Storing Strategies: 2017 Updates

03/30/2017 at 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET
Maintaining the security and storage of sensitive data has always been the highest priority of organizations. They must ensure that the data are kept safe and inaccessible from all other unauthorized users and hackers. However, due to the increasing number of existing cloud storage servers and...

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