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About ALTR

ALTR is the first software company to unleash the cybersecurity benefits of blockchain for the enterprise. The ALTR platform, based on ALTR’s proprietary ALTRchain technology, restores digital trust to organizations by fundamentally changing the way valuable data is monitored, accessed and stored. It is simple to deploy and easy for both technical and non-technical business stakeholders to use, providing them with an intrinsic view and control over the inner data-environment of an organization including how sensitive data assets are used or seen and by whom. The company, which holds 15 issued patents and has dozens more pending, is based in Austin.

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Online CLE Data Privacy

More Data, More Problems: How Privacy and Security Have Become Major Drivers of Enterprise Risk

03/27/2019 at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET
For as long as we can remember security and privacy have largely been separate functions.  However, in today’s data-centric world the lines are beginning to blur as both are concerned about unauthorized access to data. To reduce the risk to data you have to understand who is accessing...

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