Will Illinois Be the Eleventh State to Legalize Cannabis?

by: The Knowledge Group

June 10, 2019


The Land of Lincoln is ready to legalize cannabis—and it’s adding some justice to the law, by forgiving people for past marijuana violations. It will be the first state to legalize sales through its legislature, not a ballot measure.

Vermont’s legislature did legalize cannabis, but it barred commercial sales. California, Colorado, DC, Oregon, Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington have all passed some form of legalization.

Marijuana has gone mainstream, judging by Gallup, which shows most of the U.S. population supporting legalization.

Expungements for Cannabis Crimes Built Into the Law

The Illinois law still faces opposition. If Gov. JB Pritzker prevails, next to New Year’s Day the state’s adult residents will be free to grow five plants, purchase and possess 30 grams of marijuana, buy edibles, and obtain small amounts of concentrated extracts. Marijuana taxes would fund forgiveness for some 770,000 minor cannabis convictions and fund $20 million in low-interest loans to jumpstart minority businesses.

This puts Illinois ahead of New York or New Jersey in the race to legalize pot. Both states recently backed out of legalization proposals. Canada legalized pot nationally last October.

Webcast: North America, Cannabis and the Law

In our lunchtime webcast on June 19, The Knowledge Group will host a panel discussion. Healthcare services, retailers, and criminal law practitioners can expect to explore:

  • Updates on cannabis policy and regulation in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Business concepts.
  • Best practices in regulatory compliance.

Cannabis legalization is real. Still, so are federal prohibitions. Compliance with state and federal employment law and proper licensing are essential. Enjoy an audio preview of the upcoming live webcast on law, policy, and emerging legal issues in cannabis.