West Virginia Suspends 28 Lawyers for Missing CLE. Don’t Let This Happen to You!

by: The Knowledge Group

August 05, 2019


The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has suspended 28 attorneys for failing to comply with legal education requirements.

The West Virginia Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Commission sought to suspend the 28 for failing to submit proof for the minimum 24 credit hours — including 3 or more each in ethics, office management, and substance abuse or eliminating of bias in the profession — between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2018.

The state encourages its attorneys to report their credits online, through the West Virginia bar members’ portal, which is always open for reporting. Providers of approved CLE courses can submit the necessary reporting details.

Grace Period

Notably, West Virginia lawyers have a fair chance to redeem their CLE standing after missing the deadline.

The 28 were given two notices, opportunity to comply, and 30 days after the second notice to request a hearing before the CLE Commission. The Commission said none of them acted.

Additionally, the state allows all Bar members a three-month grace period to get back into compliance, to show that they actually did take the courses, or to demonstrate a valid exemption.

In March 2019, the Commission took action, and the Court ordered suspension from the Bar for all 28 people until they comply with their mandatory CLE, their reporting, and payment of fines including extra fees for reinstatement. The attorneys have the right to appeal.

Don’t Be Caught Short

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