Trump’s First Year: A Wrap-Up

by: The Knowledge Group

January 30, 2018


President Trump called 2017 a year of “monumental achievement” and will deliver the State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Let’s look some key achievements and setbacks in the Trump administration’s first year, and trends surrounding it.

Supreme Court: Trump filled the late Antonin Scalia’s seat, successfully appointing Neil Gorsuch.

Taxes: In December, Trump signed the $1.5 trillion bill, constituting the president’s first major legislative achievement. Wealthy taxpayers will benefit from the law, and taxes for corporations are reduced. There are also savings for childcare and elder care as promised in Trump’s campaign.

Immigration: The border wall and 2 million plus deportations called for by President Trump have not occurred; nor have undocumented entries entirely ceased. Trump’s anti-terror travel ban and efforts to freeze funding to sanctuary cities are meeting legal pushback. Trump is pressing Congress for stricter immigration rules this year, and has already reduced the number of refugees admitted.

Trade: The U.S. trade deficit increased in 2017 by about 12%.

Environment: The administration has lifted restrictions on fossil fuel extraction, including on some public lands. Projected U.S. CO2 emissions rose substantially over the past year. Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris climate agreement and stopped funding United Nations climate initiatives. This month, Trump incorrectly insisted that polar ice caps aren’t shrinking.

Draining the Swamp: As a campaigner, Trump pledged to obstruct the “revolving door” between corporations and government. Yet more than a third of Trump’s EPA appointees previously held jobs in the industries they now regulate.

Nuclear Weapons: The U.S. and Russia have both lowered their total numbers.

Party Affiliations: Numbers of Democrats and especially independents have risen, according to Gallup.

Health Insurance: While the president vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, by December nearly 9 million registrants signed up with for 2018 coverage.

“Fake news”: As of January 2018, President Trump has tweeted “fake news” more than a hundred times. The president went so far as to distribute “Fake News Awards” for journalism, not skipping over the investigative journalists exploring connections between Trump’s  campaign and Russian operatives.