Triton: The New Malware That Has Nuclear Plants Worried

by: The Knowledge Group

January 22, 2018


A new form of malware known as Triton recently hacked a Saudi Arabian petrochemical plant. This hack sent shock waves throughout the oil and gas industry as well as the nuclear power industry. Triton malware is capable of causing an immediate shut down of oil and gas facilities as well as other targeted operations. The question is who is behind this malicious string of code and how it can be stopped.

About Triton

Triton is best described as a digital virus painstakingly engineered to attack industrial control systems (ICS). These systems are essential for the operation of refineries and factories. The manipulation of such systems has proven highly destructive. Triton is a multistage malware that has the cyber security gurus stumped. Triton follows in the footsteps of similar ICS malware like Stuxnet, Havex and CrashOverride.

Can This new Form of Malware be Stopped?

The race is on to find an effective line of defense against Triton. Unfortunately, this nasty malware has cyber security analysts stumped. The best of the best cyber security gurus, including former hackers who now work for the government, are unsure as to how organizations should combat this mysterious form of malware. The NSA and representatives from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence have refused to comment on Triton. This threat has become so serious that the department of Homeland Security has stepped in to lend assistance. There is a question as to whether a nation-state is behind the malware. Some suspect Russian hackers teamed up with cyber attackers in Iran to unleash Triton on unsuspecting targets.

Triton-related News is Worth Monitoring

At the moment, Triton remains an unsolved mystery. It is quite alarming those who work in the cyber security industry as well as the federal government are unsure as to how organizations should proceed to ensure protection. One thing is certainly clear: our federal government’s cyber intelligence specialists have been outsmarted by a hacker or a collection of hackers.

Stay tuned. There will likely be additional Triton-related developments and insights making their way through the pipeline in the coming weeks and months.  Stay in the know with all of our webcasts covering the latest tech developments whilst earning continuing education credits by clicking here.